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Gen-C is the EXCLUSIVE UK distributor for German-based Motortech GmbH, provider of a complete range of parts and systems for all popular gas engines. Delivering increased operational safety, reduced environmental impact and longer intervals between maintenance, the Motortech range increases engine lifespan and reduces TCO.


Gen-C is the ONLY UK supplier of Motortech parts, including:

  • SPARK PLUGS Denso, Motortech, Beru, Champion
  • CONTROL PANEL COMPONENTS For new panels including retro fit, projects, replacement individual modules
  • IGNITION Controllers, coils, rails & upgrades, analysis, ignition leads
  • FUEL MIXING Varifuel, Varistep, air/fuel ratio systems
  • DETONATION – Detcon
  • OIL MANAGEMENT – Oil level controllers
  • SPEED CONTROL – Throttle gears, ITB, throttle bodies, controllers
  • GAS TRAINS – DUNGS Anti-vibration joints, gas filters, pressure reducing, solenoid valves, zero pressure regulators

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Did you know?

We don’t just supply parts. We also fit, upgrade and service all gas engines.
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