5 smart ways to increase your engine efficiency

Learn which smart upgrades can transform your gas engine into a more efficient and profitable piece of kit…

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1. Install an open-access control panel

Switching your ‘closed’ control panel for an intelligent, open access one enables you to remotely take control of your engine via laptop, phone or tablet; instantly assess how the engine is performing; control and adjust its running parameters; and restart it within seconds.


2. Fit a flexible fuel mixer

A flexible and fast-acting mixer enables an engine to handle variations in gas volumes and composition. Our air/gas mixers comprise a range of flow bodies to suit every feedstock type. If the gas composition alters significantly, we can change the flow body, ensuring the perfect fuel mix every time. 


3. Use an ignition controller with pulse technology

Replacing the controller with one using pulse technology will deliver more reliable ignition and prolong the life of your equipment. Pulse technology creates thousands of tiny pulses, the intensity and duration of which can be programmed according to the plant’s demands, and which will remain the same throughout its lifetime.


4. Switch to a smart knocking control system

A ‘knocking’ sound usually signals that the gas is igniting too early. An intelligent knocking control system can detect this and automatically alter the ignition timing point. It can also reduce the load of the engine or even shut it down, preventing catastrophic engine failure.


5. Specify a high temperature speed control

Installing a high-temperature throttle actuator will help to prolong operational life. It also contains fewer moving parts by being directly connected to the throttle. Not only does this enable accurate speed control, it also incurs less wear and tear.


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